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The ECVO CERTIFICATE for inherited eye diseases.



« European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists » (ECVO) Certificates  in respect of inherited ocular diseases

Text from the official website of the ECVO.

The main purpose of the ECVO Eye Scheme is the examination of the eyes of animals for inherited eye diseases. However, it also includes a general examination of the eye and adnexa, so it may reveal other (not inherited) eye diseases as well.

A ‘Certificate of Eye Examination’ is issued in respect of inherited conditions.

The main advantages of one joined European Certificate:

  • Increased transportation of animals for exhibitions and breeding necessitates a certificate that is easy to recognize also in other countries.
  • The quality of the examination is ensured: only veterinarians recognized by the ECVO are allowed to issue the ECVO Certificate. By using the ECVO certificate the examiner agrees to follow the guidelines of the ECVO Eye Scheme. In itself, this is a quality control, as certain rules are implied in the Scheme.

Panelists licensed by the ECVO to perform the eye examinations under the Scheme are:

  1. Practicing Diplomates of the ECVO;
  2. Eye Scheme Examiners, being veterinarians in National Eye Panels, examined and accepted by the ECVO.


P.S.: These certificates are now available in France and they can be delivered by any  French veterinarian, accredited by the ECVO. The list of the french practitioners  accredited by the college can be found on the official website of the college .



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